From the classroom to home, from teachers to parents and the local businesses, Austnews delivers the tools to connect people everyday.

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Electronic Newsletters

No matter the size of your screen or device, your newsletter will look fantastic.
ePublisher is the only platform that enables staff members to directly contribute to the school’s newsletter. Sharing videos, photos, news and other interactive content from the classroom has never been easier.

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Printed Newsletters

A great way to present regular news updates to your parent community.
Australia’s only unlimited supply of professionally designed, colour paper newsletters, customised for your school.

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Newsletter Advertising

Connecting thousands of advertisers with hundreds of schools each year.
School newsletter advertising can directly reach your target audience and give you repeated, regular exposure at an extremely affordable price.

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Design & Printing

We can create a wide variety of designs to compliment your school branding.
We work exclusively with schools to custom design and print all your marketing materials in one convenient place. All done at competitive prices, with a money back guarantee.

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We love our customers, and here’s what they say about us…

“We would like to congratulate all of your team on your very efficient service from the new design, advertisements and printing and prompt communication with the school. We are very excited with the new look and can’t wait for the parents reactions.”
Christine Hickmott, Bluewater State School
“We are very pleased with our experience with Austnews, our advertisement was well-printed and presented and the response was amazing. We would highly recommend Austnews!”
Dr Daxter Yeo, Orthosmile Orthodontics
“Austnews is an innovative service that not only keeps our school community up to date, but also helps us to connect with a wide range of local business who want to do their part to support our school and students.”
Tegan Welsh, Ashgrove State School
Many thanks to all who participated in achieving a fantastic result for the current newsletter, it looks fantastic. I think I need to do a workshop so I can better manipulate the program to create a better product – it just wasn’t doing what I needed it to yesterday. User inexperience. Thanks so much again!!!
Linda Phillips, Isabella State School
We wanted to ‘rebrand’ our school. I spent a lot of time searching and trying to find a company that was great to deal with, efficient and fast with their service. Austnews was the company I chose! Martina helped me to create a brilliant, catchy and trendy ‘brand’. She happily answered my questions, discussed my ideas and worked tirelessly to give me the look we were after. I strongly recommend Austnews and look forward to their continued support.
Rachael McWaters, Quilpie SS

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated professionals with a vision to innovate, design and build a bespoke communication platform for the education sector, in order to open a gateway between the classroom and the home.

We are teachers, marketers, graphic designers and programmers, but more importantly we are parents. We understand the importance of communication and value it’s role in education. Our mission is to use the latest technology to make it easy for educators to connect with their school community in interesting, meaningful ways.

Communication comes in many forms, and overarching all this, is your school’s personal brand. We can enhance your school’s profile by providing a comprehensive, customised and professional design and print service, ensuring consistency across products.

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