Audio Clip: Most overlooked tool on ePub

Our research shows that parent engagement is higher when newsletter content is interesting and varied. So when developing ePublisher we thought about all the elements needed to create a dynamic and engaging school newsletter – image slideshows, galleries, videos, and of course, audio – which is the most overlooked tool on ePublisher.

Interact with parents on a whole new level using the Audio Clip element. You can upload recordings of an important speech made during assembly, the media clubs podcasts, the choir hitting notes their parents would be proud of, news from the students, interviews with past teachers, a ‘what’s that sound’ competition for the kids, book readings from the library … and so much more!

Not an IT specialist? You don’t need to be! As long as the recording is an MP3 and you can locate it on your computer, USB stick or mobile phone, you will have no problems at all using the Audio Clip element.  Give it a try!

TIP: Add a sub heading to draw the reader to the file and rename the original file name to something relevant to the recording. Also adding a description gives the reader a quick overview of the audio clips relevance to them, and can entice the reader to listen.