Text Block: Most used tool on ePub now even easier!

We have taken your feedback on board about our most used element on ePublisher, the text block, and we have created a brand new text editor!

No more frustrations with aligning images! Save time by cutting and pasting directly from external sources like Word or Outlook! We have even got bulleted and numbered points sorted out for you!

The text block is the most popular tool on ePublisher: it’s used to create content such as text, imagery, table and links.  The versatility of the new text block means you can put together an engaging article without leaving the text editor!

Find out more about the new text editor HERE!

We are rolling the new editor out over Term 3.  If you are not using it yet, you need to be! It saves so much time and effort, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback so far! It also has our new photo editor for cropping, filtering, adding captions and so much more!

Get in touch with us today and ask us to switch you over!

Find out more about our new Photo Editor HERE!