School Newsletters: Then and Now

You don’t have to think too far back to remember the day’s when school newsletters were typed up on the office type writer, run off on a photocopier and handed out to the eldest child at the end of the week.  In the mad dash from the classroom the student would cram this integral piece of the school-to-home communications plan into a backpack with the past weeks’ uneaten lunches and present it, with traces of old bananas and vegemite sandwiches, to a horrified and busy mum during those hectic after school hours, if they remembered to give it to her at all…

Cut to 2016 – where 83% of Australian households are connected to the internet and 19 million smartphone users are glancing on their phones more than 440 million times a day! The mobile phone has become the go to device for keeping on top of day to day activities, emails, social media, calenders, maps and reviews… and of course, accessing their children’s school newsletter.

Electronic newsletters deliver the school news in a dynamic and engaging way, using the elements of image galleries, video, sound and more to showcase articles.  Parents access electronic newsletters at their leisure, enjoying a more relaxed and interactive read, pushing engagement levels up.  Readership is tangible and measurable offering the school the valuable feedback they need to make decisions on content and distribution.